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The Bel Rae

Mound View, MN

The Bel Rae

A 99 unit assisted living facility in Mound View, MN.  Great care was taken to design long term energy effecincy and maximum comfort levels for the residence.  Utilizing SIPs construction techniques allowed the designers and builders to meet goals quickly and within budget.

Walls: 6.5" - 2 x 6 wall with closed cell EPS

The building meets Energy Star rating standards and collaboration with the local untilty compamies helped to exceed engergy effiecincies.  HVAC is supllied through radient heat in the floors, using two boilers that handle all the heating for the project, air handlers take care of the cooling for the common areas while each unit has a PTAC for cooling purposes.

Builder Information

Nottingham Construction
Greg Johnson6570 Sitllwater Blvd. N.
Stillwater, MN 55082

Phone: 651-775-3690
Email: susie@nottinghamconstruction.net

Panels manufactured by Energy Panel Structures, Inc..

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