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SIP Beachfront Renovation Panama City FL

Panama CIty, FL

SIP Manufacturer:

Innova Eco Building System, LLC
Jerry Gillman
3300 NW 110th Street
Miami, FL 33167
Phone: 305-455-7707
Email Address: jerry@innovaebs.com
Website: www.innovaecobuildingsystem.com

Category:  Renovations

Project information:
Panama City Beachfront Renovations - Single Family Home
Panama City, FL 32401

Date Completed: March 2016
Dimensions of building: 2 story
Total sq. ft. of conditioned space: 2,400

Built By:
Jim Cofer Homes, LLC

Panels Manufactured By: Innova Eco Building System, LLC

Designed By:
Enerco Construction Solutions, LLC

Describe the end use of the building: Single family home

Project was located on a beach with grandfathered setbacks. If house were torn down, owner would have to build a smaller house to comply with the new setbacks. The Innova MGO Retro-SIP panel allowed the existing stucco to be removed and the insulated MGO Retro-Panel was fastened directly to the existing walls providing an insulated airtight building envelope. The contractor was able to apply a Coraflex textured finish on the exterior for a fraction of the cost of traditional stucco and insulation. The contractor was so impressed with the ease of the installation and the quality finish of the panels that they purchased additional retro panels to install on the second floor wood framing.
SIP wall thickness and core material:
1-5/8" EPS with borate (by Insulfoam)

The MGO SIP Retro-Panel provided a superior finish to traditional stucco. The Retro-Panel provided an airtight insulated building envelope and was used with spray foam insulation on the interior to meet the thermal energy codes. The Retro-Panel not only provided a superior exterior finish, it saved time and money over a traditional Ikath and stucco installation. The Coraflex finish is an elastomeric finish that provides superior performance to traditional stucco in that it does not crack. The contractor saved at least two weeks off the construction schedule by using the Retro-Panel in lieu of traditional stucco and paint. The Retro-Panel also added the needed thermal ratings so that the maximum rooms sizes could be achieved without losing valuable inches for traditional insulation methods.

Magnesium Oxide Cement Panel SIPs remodeling panels were sused over wood framing and existing masonry surfaces. The remodeling panels not only helped provide an airtight insulated building envelope, but also provided a superior surface to apply the final finishes of the project.

Spray insulation was used on the interior of the existing masonry walls. The MGO Retro-Panel SIPs and on the outside of the existing SIP walls and the new framed walls and spray insulation on the inside of these walls was used to achieve the energy criteria.

Low voltage lighting was used

Remodeling SIP panels were used for the exterior building envelope

The MGO panel is not only resistant to fire but also to termites and mold. The fact that MGO does not mold makes it an excellent choice for a project located on the beach in a humid - high moisture environment.

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Builder Information

Jim Cofer Homes, LLC11327 Poston Road
Panama City, FL 32401

Phone: 850-615-1050

Panels manufactured by Innova Eco Building System.

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