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Madagan Residence

Spirit Lake, IA

Category: Single Family Homes (over 3,000 sqft)

Extreme Panel Tech., Inc.
Don Jahnke & Perry Penske
P.O. Box 435
Cottonwood, MN 56229
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Project information: Madagan Residence

Date Completed: 2016
Dimensions of building: A very irregular 3,400 sqft footprint
Total sqft of conditioned space: 10,120 sqft

Built By: Reimers Construction
Bryan Reimers
74482 400th Avenue
Lakefield, MN 56150
Phone: 507-841-1780

Panels Manufactured By: Extreme Panel Tech., Inc.

Designed By: Virtual Architec LLC
Ed Staelens, Designer
109 5th Ave.
North Strum, WI 54770
Phone: 218-590-5123

Describe use of the building: Residence

The owners desired all vaulted areas with trusses with open spaces and visible timbers. Energy efficiency was a big factor. Owner is able to heat the entire home with the two gas fireplaces tested down to 0 degrees outside temperature. Energy costs are less than half of his previous home -- 1/4 mile away and 1/3 the size.

SIP wall thickness: 6 1/2" SIP walls 11 1/4" ICF R-22 with a 4 5/8" SIPs for rimboard
SIP roof thickness: 12 1/4" SIP walls

HERS Index: 41
Blower door test results: 62;  62 ACH @ -50 pa Radiant on all floors and garage. A ducted AC system

Solar panels planned but not installed yet. THe residence is 10KW ready with wiring in place. When installed, the HERS index will be 17.

Wood with concrete gypcrete floor, finished.  No carpets in entire home to help with asthma problems. Saved some of the beams from an existing hotel (over 100 years old) and made them into mantels and decorative components in the home. The decks around the home are made of concrete to eliminate the chance of deterioration and safety. The roof is all decorative steel shingles to have a build-in airflow under them to dry the roof deck and carry a 50-year life. It was designed in a shape to not remove any of the 100+-year-old oak trees on the site and still have a view of the lake. The project came in on budget with the estimates BEFORE SIPs were estimated - so the energy savings offset any cost increase on the project as a whole. It was the contractor's first SIPs project and the homeowners were so impressed that he has hired a crew of in-house builders to go after more projects utilizing SIPs.


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Builder Information

Reimers Construction
Bryan Reimers74482 400th Avenue
Lakefield, MN 56150

Phone: 507-841-1780
Email: bryanlreimers@hotmail.com
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Panels manufactured by Extreme Panel Tech., Inc..

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