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LEED Platinum SIP House Grand Forks ND

5571 Charlie Ray Drive
Grand Forks, ND 58201

This high-performance SIP home was the first certified LEED Platinum residence in North or South Dakota. 

The homeowners were looking for the most energy-effective and cost-effective way to build a house. Before deciding on SIPs, the homeowners had contemplated going with a double studded wall to achieve a higher R-value. When we factored in the amount of time and cost of labor and material, the SIPs were more cost-effective and a better end product.

The design of the home is quite unique. It was designed to have maximum energy efficiency and an efficient use of space. The emphasis was on nature and natural materials, so the home incorporates almost no plastics or synthetics.

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Builder Information

Holm Sweet Home ConstructionBuxton, ND

Panels manufactured by Energy Panel Structures.

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