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SIP Apartments Worthington MN

1585 Grand Avenue
Worthington, MN 56187

2018 SIPA
Building Excellence Awards

First Place Winner
Multifamily Category

Project information
Grand Terrace Apartments
1585 Grand Avenue
Worthington, MN 56187
Date Completed: 10/2017
Dimensions of building: Irregular
Total sq. ft. of conditioned space: 62,000 sq. ft.

Built By:
R.W. Carlstrom
Danny Umhoefer
1901 Excel Drive
Mankato, MN 56001

Panels Manufactured By: Energy Panel Structures

603 N. Van Gordon Avenue
Graettinger, IA 51342
Phone: 612-499-0756
Email Address: lbergum@epsbuildings.com
Website: www.epsbuildings.com

Designed By:
Joey Wendinger
603 North Van Gordon Avenue
Mankato, MN 56001

Total sq. ft. of conditioned space: 62,000 sq. ft.

Describe the end use of the building:
Rental Property for Affordable Housing

How did SIP construction help you get this job?
By utilizing SIPs into the structure, we were insured of energy and labor savings throughout the project build and after completion.

Describe the benefits of using SIPs on this project. Did SIPs help save time, labor, construction costs, or energy?
This is an affordable housing project. Not only is rent a major part of making the units affordable, long term utility costs are very important to people on a fixed income.

HERS Index: 45

Describe the HVAC system used on the project:
Natural Gas Boiler, each apartment has a water to air heat pump with an air exchanger. U- .27
HERs report attached showing 45-48 rankings

Describe any other energy-saving materials used in the building envelope other than SIPs. List U-values of windows used and the U or R-value of any insulation materials:
Integrity from Marvin Windows meet the 2009 IECC Requirements - Table 402.1.1.
Attic Insulation meets a R-50

Please list any energy-efficient products or design features, such as lighting, hot water heating, appliances, passive solar:
All LED Lighting
Washers, Refrigerators, Dishwashers are all energy star
Commercial Gas Water Heater is energy star

Please list any sustainable materials or design features not listed above, such as recycled materials, low-VOC finishes, landscaping, etc.:
All paint and caulk have low VOCs

Any additional comments on the project:
Very quiet for tenants, very durable. All of this contributes to lower turnover.

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Builder Information

R.W. Carlstrom
Danny Umhoefer1901 Excel Drive
Mankato, MN 56001

Panels manufactured by Energy Panel Structures, Inc..

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