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Fox Residence

Poteau, OK

TimberSIPS Building Systems, LLC
Earl Burden
P.O. Box 959
Sand Springs, OK 74063
Phone: 918-633-9964
Email Address: earl@timbersips.com
Website: www.extremepanel.com

Project information:
Fox Residence
Poteau, OK 74953

Date Completed: March 1, 2016
Total cost of project: $1,000,000.00
Dimensions of building: 106 feet x 77 feet, 2 story including garage
Total sq. ft. of conditioned space: 6,800 square feet

Built By:
Darrell Humphreys Construction
Darrell Humphreys
33236 Harrison Lane
Poteau, OK 74953
Phone: 918-721-3019

Panels Manufactured By: Extreme Panel Technologies



Designed By:
Michael Allen Riley Architects, LLC
Michael Riley
28899 Broken Hill Road
Poteau, OK 74956
Phone: 918-839-6032

Owner was impressed with very low energy costs, strength and stability in wind (Oklahoma!), simplicity of construction, quick enclosure, labor savings, clean job site,better indoor air quality, and in general a much better method of construction.  Builder would not even quote this large, complex hybrid timber frame home using stick construction.

SIP wall thickness and core material: 6 1/2" walls
SIP roof thickness and core material: 8 1/4" roof

Large SIPS panel segments were possible due to size of the home and full two story design, for quicker erection using a crane.  SIPS were used for the end walls of the 48 foot long x 27 foot wide Great Room, which eliminated two of the large timber frame bents typically used on this type of hybrid timber frame. The total structure of this center core consisted of two full timber frames, 3 sets of rafters, 3 ridge beam sections, and connecting timbers along the eave on each side, making the total cost of timber frame very economical and affordable for this part of the structure. Glue Lam ridges were used on other roof areas spanned by 8 1/4" SIPs for additional savings in construction labor and material.

HERS Index: 34
Blower door test results:  1.1 ACH @ - 50 P
Maximum Energy Efficiency QEV 1860, TE VO26

HVAC system used on the project: Geothermal, with 1200 feet of water wells (3@400 feet deep), ClimateMaster Triology downstairs, Tranquility 30 upstairs.  Windows are Lincoln, Bronze Aluminum Clad, U-Factor = 0.34, SHGC = 0.13, Visible Transmittance = 0.27, PG = HGD-LC35.   All lighting is LED, All appliances and equipment is Energy Star Rated.

Upper exterior gable walls finished with Natural Poplar, peeled tree bark shingles, requiring no coatings, paint or stain.  Overall cost reductions in the basic construction, structure and enclosure with SIPS allowed the choice of high end interior finishes and still be within budget of $1.0 million or about $147 per sqft construction cost on a house that would typically sell in this class for substantially more in resale.

Operating or ownership cost for heating and cooling average around $180 per month, from an overall energy cost of $230 per month which includes all other energy used.  This equates to about $0.027 per sqft per month, for heating/cooling only, compared with about $0.10 per sqft per month which is the nominal/typical cost for heating/cooling an average conventional stick framed, fiberglass insulated home*.

*Per Energy Wise Structures, Letter of October 6, 2008


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Builder Information

Darrell Humphreys Construction
Darrell Humphreys33236 Harrison Lane
Poteau, OK 74953

Phone: 918-721-3019

Panels manufactured by Extreme Panel Technologies.

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