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Founders Block South

Vancouver, British Columbia

Participant information
Nicole Horton
711 E. Broadway Ave.
Meridian, ID    83642
Phone:  208-877-1020
Email Address:  insulspan@insulspan.com
Website:  www.insulspan.com

Multifamily Housing

Project information
Founders Block South
Vancouver, British Columbia  

Date Completed:
December 2019

Dimensions of building (all floors of multi-story building):
Anthem Properties constructed 8 buildings in total with 4 different building styles. One of the building style dimensions are 32' x 145' with 3 levels of living space and separate underground parking

Total sq. ft. of conditioned space:
Each unit ranges from 1,750 - 2,200 square feet

Built By (if different than applicant)
Anthem Properties
Kevin Beck
Bentall IV, Box 49200, 1055 Dunsmuir Street, Suite 1100
Vancouver, British Columbia   V7X1K8

Panels Manufactured By: Company Name (members only):

Designed By (if different than applicant - SIPA will only recognize members)
Nicole Horton
711 E. Broadway Ave.
Meridian, ID  83642

Describe the end use of the building:
Multifamily residences

How did SIP construction help you get this job?
When Anthem Properties decided to build a LEED Gold Certified multi-family residential complex, they knew they had to earn as many points (60-79) as possible. For that reason, they chose to build with SIPs because they could earn more points and achieve a more airtight structure.

SIP wall thickness and core material:
8.250-inch panel thickness with 7.375-inches of continuous foam core

Describe the benefits of using SIPs on this project. Did SIPs help save time, labor, construction costs, or energy?
As the project progressed, the crews got into a rhythm and pretty soon they were one step ahead because they knew what was coming next. The relatively short learning curve and the speed of the construction were very important parts of the build. Anthem knew they wanted to achieve the LEED Gold Certification and they knew the energy efficiency of Insulspan SIPs would get them there.

Describe any innovative design elements or structural engineering involved:
The buildings are located on a hill so there had to be special engineering considerations, but the most impressive design elements are the roof system, minimal air leakage, and large window openings. For example, it is both innovative and impressive to achieve such an airtight structure with minimum leakage and an overall ACH of .82 while still incorporating large windows throughout the buildings. It is through this attention to design that the architects and builders knew they could achieve LEED Gold.

Please list any certifications the project received, such as ENERGY STAR, LEED, National Green Building Standard, WELL, Passive House, Green Globes or local green building programs. Only list certifications that are completed:
LEED Gold Certification, BC Energy Step Code 4 which is the highest level that can be achieved for a multifamily project.

Blower door test results (ACH50) (required only for High Performance Category and recommended for residential projects):
Consolidated and averaged number of all the buildings is .82 ACH50. One building achieved as low as .64 ACH50

Energy use intensity in kBtu/ft2 (required only for High Performance Category and recommended for commercial projects):
Average use per square meter per year: total kilowatt hours per square meter per year 78.5, thermal energy intensity is 10.

Describe the HVAC system used on the project:
Zehnder HRV System: Replaces stale air with fresh warm air.

Describe any other energy-saving materials used in the building envelope other than SIPs. List U-values of windows used and the U or R-value of any insulation materials. (judged only for High Performance Category)
There is an extra 5 inches of insulation on the walls.

Please list any energy-efficient products or design features, such as lighting, hot water heating, appliances, passive solar (judged only for High Performance Category:
District energy system supplies the units with hot water they use for heating domestic hot water and the appliances are Energy Star labeled. Anthem installed LED lights for almost all interior and exterior fixtures with on motion sensors, or occupancy sensors to turn lights on only when they need to be in use. Additionally, a storage tank is used to capture rain water that is then used to irrigate the landscaping.

Please list any sustainable materials or design features not listed above, such as recycled materials, low-VOC finishes, landscaping, etc. (judged only for High Performance Category):
Almost all of the materials used in the project have a recycling component. For example, the SIPs used are 100% recyclable. Inside the buildings Anthem chose to use low VOC paints and stains on the cabinets. Outside the buildings the landscaping uses is comprised of vegetation that is drought tolerant and the irrigation hoses don't spray out but hit their targets more directly.

Any additional comments on the project:
Anthem's goal for this project was to build above and beyond what was mandated by the city. They wanted to implement numerous energy efficient systems to familiarize themselves with them for future projects. By doing so Anthem has both reached their goal and used this project to push the envelope.


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Builder Information

Anthem Properties
Kevin BeckBentall IV, Box 49200, 1055 Dunsmuir Street, Suite 1100
Vancouver, Br V7X1K

Phone: 604-488-3628

Panels manufactured by Insulspan.

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