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SIP Equine Ranch Terrabone OR

Terrabone, OR

Premier Building Systems
Becky Susan
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Category: Agricultural

Project information:
Coyote Rock Ranch
Terrabone, OR 97760

Date Completed: August 2018

Built By:
Elkridge Construction
Eric Hagerty
8800 NW 31st St.
Terrabone, OR 97760


Panels Manufactured By: Premier Building Systems


Designed By:
Premier Building Systems
1420 Washington Avenue
Puyallup, WA 98375

Describe the end use of the building: An equine breeding facility

Breeding quarter horses with the pedigree and care to become tomorrow’s champions in the high desert of Central Oregon. Conditions needed to be optimal for breeding and maturing of mothers and babies in both extreme cold winters and high temps of summer. At the CRR breeding operation, top-performing broodmares are matched with proven sires, and future cutting horse champions are bred and born. The owners are committed to quality in everything, including their building envelope.

SIP roof: 7,536 of 10" Panels

The owner/operator builds their own barns, fences and structures, while focusing on quality, function, and an attractive appearance to welcome ranch visitors. Hand crafted barns, winding red rock roads and meticulously maintained farmlands highlight the commitment to craftsman ship and detail that are the hallmarks of Coyote Rock Ranch. High Performance SIPs lend perfectly to this philosophy. Energy efficiency for the breeding environments is icing on the cake.

Timber frame marries perfectly with SIPs roof. Summer months walls open often while the SIP roof helps keep the structure below regulated.

Special features: Reclaimed Timber, Lumber LED lighting

Hay Production and Quality Nutrition, in addition to breeding Coyote Rock Ranch, grows top quality alfalfa and grass hay on 320 acres of irrigated farmland in Central Oregon. In support of the ranch operation, they sell horse, beef, and dairy quality alfalfa and grass hay that meets or exceeds nutritional standards. They carefully control every aspect of farming and production, bringing our horses – and our customers – the highest quality results. By growing their own hay and carefully monitoring and testing nutritional content, they are able to raise healthier, higher quality performance horses. About 120 acres of the surrounding farmland is devoted to grass hay production. From selecting the seed, to farming the land


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Builder Information

Elk Ridge Construction
Eric Hagerty8800 NW 31st St.
Terrabone, OR 97760

Phone: (541) 977-5275

Panels manufactured by Premier Building Systems.

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