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Whitewebs Lane Residence, Coupeville, WA

Coupeville, WA

DOE Tour of Zero: Whitewebs Lane Residence, Coupeville, WA by Clifton View Homes with SIPs by Premier Building Systems

The above-grade walls were constructed of  6.5-inch-thick SIPs with an R-25 insulation value. Over the SIP wall panels, Clifton installed a corrugated house wrap that provided a narrow ventilation gap under the fiber cement siding. Clifton used 10.25-inch SIPs for the roof. These provided R-40 worth of  insulation for the roof  assembly, while also providing a sturdy platform for photovoltaic panels. Careful sealing of  the joints between the SIP panels allowed Clifton to achieve an air tightness of  0.9 air changes per hour at 50 Pascals pressure difference (well below the 3 ACH50 required by code). Beyond the efficiency features, the SIPs construction is fully engineered to withstand severe weather events and up to an 8.0 earthquake. “Clifton View Homes has been building with SIPs panels for over 23 years and has become an industry leader in our market. Our blower-door tests are usually well below 1.0 ACH 50, without having to go back and tweak anything. Getting it right the first time is a hallmark of  our success,” said Clifton.

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Builder Information

Clifton View Homes (TC Legend Homes)
Thad Johnson702 Kentucky Street 339
Bellingham, WA 98225

Phone: 619-884-2914
Email: office@tclegendhomes.com
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Panels manufactured by Premier Building Systems.

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