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Marine Drive Residence, Port Hadlock, WA

Port Hadlock, WA

DOE Tour of Zero: Marine Drive Residence, Port Hadlock, WA by Clifton View Homes with SIPs by Premier Building Systems

The home has 6.5-inch SIP walls that provide an R-25 insulation value with no thermal bridging. The walls are wrapped in wrinkled house wrap to provide a slight air gap and drainage plane behind the fiber cement plank and shingle siding. The roof  is composed of  10.25-inch SIP panels for an R-40 assembly. The main house is all cathedral ceilings, with a small mechanical attic above the master closet and master bath, and another small attic over the guest bath, all within the building envelope. One of  Clifton’s “12 Essential Steps to Net Zero Energy” is to have balanced insulation levels throughout the home with high-R windows. The windows in the Port Hadlock home are triple-paned, with an argon-gas fill between the panes and low-emissivity coatings on three of  the glass layers. The U-factors range from 0.14 to 0.17, and the solar heat gain coefficients also vary depending on which direction the window is facing, with values ranging from 0.22 to 0.51. The triple-low-e, low-SHGC windows on the north side reflect most of  the winter sun back into the north-facing rooms. Total glazing area was kept to just 15%, mostly by reducing east- and west-facing glass to near zero.

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