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Circle F Residence

Bozeman, MT

Category: Single Family Homes over 3,000 sqft

Project information
Bozeman, MT 59717

Date Completed: November 2016

Total sqft of conditioned space: 5,000 sqft

Built By: Mari Enterprises, Rick Mari, Manhattan, MT 59741

Panels Manufactured By: PremierSIPS

Designed By: FORMation Architecture
Craig Bergstedt
103 S Browadway St
Manhattan, MT 59741
Phone: 406-284-4476

Describe the end use of the building: Custom Residence

With the complexity of this design and the limited crew, the architect needed to use an efficient design and manner of building. SIPS were the perfect solution for time and labor constraints.

SIP wall thickness and core material: 6" EPS SIP Walls
SIP roof thickness and core material: 10" EPS SIP Roof

Reduced job site waste: Almost no waste of panel material because of a factory installed lumber package and custom cut panels. Versatility and flexibility for complex designs like curved walls and butterfly plane roofs.  Because SIPS combine structural panels with insulation... they can reduce the time it takes to frame a house and minimize the number of steps needed to be completed on-site.

Butterfly roof planes, Curved walls, Low slope roof, and Angled moment frame.  High density EPS under surround the slab foundation, and radiant heat slabs used throughout for continuous heat source when needed. Solar P.V. and hot water for heating and domestic use.

Additional features include: Efficient lighting, ground source heat pumps, solar water heating, Solar P.V., highly insulated, and building orientation.

Landscape is a major influence on the design of this project accenting the creek with groves of trees which protect it. The Architects created a strong connection between indoor living spaces of the home and natural landscape. The unique design of the home allows for a variety of spaces and simple approaches to construction.

"The use of Premier Panels is an easy way to have unlimited expression of creativity through out the design process. Our clients and con-tractors love that the fact much of the build process takes place at the SIPs factory making onsite assembly and “close in” to be completed quickly. The incredible customer service that Premiere provides is what sets them apart in this industry. The sales and engineering crew at Premiere are important members of our team - helping us to provide unique design, quality, energy efficient and cost effective construction for our clients." - Craig Bergstedt, FORMation Architecture

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Builder Information

Mari Enterprises
Rick MariManhattan, MT

Panels manufactured by PremierSIPS.

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