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Carolina Timberworks Shop

West Jefferson, NC

Participant information
The Murus Company, Inc.
Chris Bloom
P.O. BOX 783
Mansfield PA 16933
Phone: 570-549-2100
Email: sales@murus.com
Website: www.murus.com

Commercial/Industrial/Institutional Buildings under 10,000 sq. ft.

Project information
Carolina Timberworks Shop
1000 Industrial Parkway
West Jefferson, NC 28694

Date Completed:
December 2019

Dimensions of building (all floors of multi-story building):
70' x 80' footprint; 2nd floor office - 12' x 80'

Total sq. ft. of conditioned space:
6,560 sq. ft.

Built By (if different than applicant)
Carolina Timberworks
Eric Morely
1000 Industrial Parkway
West Jefferson, NC  28694
Phone: 828-266-9663
Email Address

Panels Manufactured By: Company Name (members only):
The Murus Company

Designed By (if different than applicant - SIPA will only recognize members)
Patrick Moses Architect, PLLC
Patrick Moses
P.O. BOX 783
Linville, NC  28646
Phone: 828-898-6396 

Describe the end use of the building:
Business office and timber frame manufacturing plant

How did SIP construction help you get this job?
SIPs were the prefer enclosure system for this glu-lam frame structure; provided the owner with a very quick dry-in on this fast track project; as a timber frame manufacturer, Carolina Timberworks uses or suggests the use of SIPs for many of their projects... it was only right for them to use SIPs for their own project.

SIP wall thickness and core material:
6-1/2" EPS

SIP roof thickness and core material:
10-1/4" EPS

Describe the benefits of using SIPs on this project. Did SIPs help save time, labor, construction costs, or energy?
All of the above; project broke ground on May 15 and was completed on Dec 13, 2019.

Describe any innovative design elements or structural engineering involved:
Primary structure is a glu-lam frame; SIPs are 16' tall on the eaves and up to 20' tall on the gable ends.

Describe the HVAC system used on the project:
Mini-splits in the Offices; gas heaters in the shop (no AC)

Any additional comments on the project:
YouTube video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hdzuvz8ssEg

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Builder Information

Carolina Timberworks
Eric Morely1000 Industrial Parkway
West Jefferson, NC 28694

Phone: 828-266-9663

Panels manufactured by The Murus Company.

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