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Over 350 SIP Homes

This project is just outside of San Diego and includes about 350 homes. The reason SIPs were used had more to do with speed of construction and was not so much about energy savings. In fact, they stick framed the garages and the common wall between the house and the garage.

The Crown Hills Subdivision near San Diego was developed by RJT Development. RJT may have been the first developer of their size to step out on the cutting edge of building technology and utilize SIPs for the exterior walls of these homes. Because of the use of SIPs by RJT, each house cost almost $1,600 more than a “traditional” stick built home.

The heating and cooling cost from Crown Hills were constantly monitored by RJT and compared with comparable sized homes in the same area with data provided by San Diego Gas & Electric for over a 5 year period. Initially the average energy bill for a home in Crown Hills was $53.56 per month, while stick built homes of the same size were $125 to $135 per month. In less than two years the original $1,600 investment was “paid off” in decreased energy bills. A few years after that, due to de-regulation and exploding energy costs, Crown Hills homes averaged approximately $160 while the nearby house averaged $390 per month.

If energy prices had stayed constant from that point on over the next five years, a Crown Hills investor would have realized a gain in 10 years of over $18,000, a gain of 1125%.


First 5 years of savings


$130.00 - $53.56 = $ (76.44) x 60 mths =


Second 5 years of savings

$390.00 - $160.00 = $ (230.00) x 60 mths =



Energy Savings




Of course energy prices have increase a great deal since. RJT has developed other projects including La Quinta, CA featuring 159 one million dollar homes, using SIPs.

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Click here to view a Building Systems issue (September/October 2001) featuring this project. (article begins on page 16)

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