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10th Hole Bar & Grill

402 E Main St.
Riceville, IA 50466


Energy Panel Structures
Chris Spaeth
603 North Van Gordon Ave.
Graettinger, IA 51342

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Project Information:
10th Hole Bar & Grill
402 E Main St.
Riceville, IA 50466

Date Completed: 04/01/2018

Dimensions of building (all floors of multi-story building):
60 x 80 restaurant with full basement
50 x 100 hotel with a loft and a partial 2nd story

Total sq. ft. of conditioned space: 19,100 sq.ft.

Built By:
Lohuis Construction
Jim Lohuis
3071 485th St.
McIntire, IA 50455

Panels Manufactured By: Energy Panel Structures


Designed By:
Energy Panel Structures
603 North Van Gordon Ave.
Graettinger, IA 51342

Total sq. ft. of conditioned space: 19,100 sq.ft.

Describe the end use of the building:
It is a combination golf course clubhouse, restaurant and hotel

How did SIP construction help you get this job?
Energy efficiency was a big factor. The owner wanted to do as much as was feasible up front to help keep the operational costs as low as possible. SIP construction also offered time savings that were important in meeting completion deadlines.

SIP wall thickness and core material:
6 1/2" wall thickness 5 5/8" EPS core

Describe the benefits of using SIPs on this project. Did SIPs help save time, labor, construction costs, or energy?
SIP construction reduced the labor costs and helped to keep the project on schedule. 18' tall panels were sued in framing the hotel lobby which was a significant labor savings in that area. Energy cost savings were realized both during construction and in the operation of the facility.


Describe any innovative design elements or structural engineering involved:
The floor trusses were designed to hide the structural steel beams that carry the load from the restaurant floor. Floor trusses were also designed to allow for a sloped floor mud bed in the kitchen to install floor drains for easy clean up. Floor trusses were also designed to provide a zero entry to the walk in cooler.

Describe the HVAC system used on the project:
Hotel side is PTAC unit, the restaurant is forced air heating and cooling.

Describe any other energy-saving materials used in the building envelope other than SIPs. List U-values of windows used and the U or R-value of any insulation materials:
The basement walls were ICF. 2" foam was installed under all the concrete, energy efficient windows with low e and argon. R-60 cellulose attic insulation. Windows are .28 U-Value.

Please list any energy-efficient products or design features, such as lighting, hot water heating, appliances, passive solar:
All lighting was LED


Any additional comments on the project:
The project was unique in that it was funded by a partnership between the city and a private investment group. The community did not have a restaurant or a hotel and the clubhouse at the city owned golf course was in disrepair. The city provided the land and removed the existing building. The investors constructed the new facility and provided some labor and management for the golf course. The hotel provides 10 guest rooms which have been a great addition to the community. Prior to construction it was a 25 mile drive for a hotel room. The community also has a new restaurant, and the lower level is available for wedding receptions, graduation parties, etc. Golfers have a new clubhouse to enjoy.


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Builder Information

Lohuis Construction
Jim Lohuis3071 485th St.
McIntire,, IA 50455

Panels manufactured by Energy Panel Structures.

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