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Oregon, United States

Brooks ResidenceBrooks Residence
2,000 sq. ft. residence 600 sq. ft. ADU above 2 car garage
Bend, OR

SIP Equine Ranch Terrabone ORSIP Equine Ranch Terrabone OR
The owner/operator builds their own barns, fences and structures, while focusing on quality, function, and an attractive appearance to welcome ranch visitors. Hand crafted barns, winding red rock roads and meticulously maintained farmlands highlight the commitment to craftsman ship and detail that are the hallmarks of Coyote Rock Ranch. High Performance SIPs lend perfectly to this philosophy. Energy efficiency for the breeding environments is icing on the cake.
Terrabone, OR

Sponsor's Mini-Homes VillageSponsor's Mini-Homes Village
The SIPs provide a superior insulated envelope, while windows bring in plenty of daylight – all helping to reduce energy usage. Landscaped swales allowed rainwater to percolate into the ground. The most sustainable feature of the project is homes’ size, which is “among the most important determinants of environmental impact” (Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, 2010). The small footprints and compact design will save resources during construction, and throughout the building's lifecycle.
Eugene, OR

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