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Projects By State

Montana, United States

Bridger Steel AdditionBridger Steel Addition
Built By: Ted Tobin, Panels Manufactured By: Premier SIPs by Insulfoam Features: 6-inch SIP walls and 10-inch SIP roof Recycled steel materials SIPs created a vaulted ceiling with more room for the customer showroom and a better office layout Since 1996 our Belgrade store, the first Bridger Steel location, has been proudly serving our community in Southwest Montana and beyond.
Belgrade, MT

Bridger View RanchBridger View Ranch
Featuring beautiful trusses and timber work, "The use of Premier Panels is an easy way to have unlimited expression of creativity throughout the design process. Our clients and contractors love the fact that much of the build process takes place at the SIPs factory making onsite assembly and 'enclosure' to be completed quickly. The incredible customer service that Premier SIPS provides is what sets them apart in this industry. The sales and engineering crew at Premier are important members of our team - helping us to provide unique design, quality, energy efficient and cost effective construction for our clients." Craig Bergstedt, FORMation Architecture
Belgrade, MT

Central Valley Fire Station 1Central Valley Fire Station 1
The Central Valley Fire District lies sixty miles north of Yellowstone National Park in the heart of beautiful Gallatin County, Montana. CVFD provides all risk fire, rescue, and emergency medical services for 36,000 citizens residing in a two-hundred-square-mile.
Belgrade, MT

Circle CabinCircle Cabin
Another fine project by SIPA member Enercept
Circle, MT

Circle F ResidenceCircle F Residence
With the complexity of this design and the limited crew, the architect needed to use an efficient design and manner of building. SIPS were the perfect solution for time and labor constraints.
Bozeman, MT

Fairview MT 59221 SIP Airplane Hangar Enercept npFairview MT 59221 SIP Airplane Hangar Enercept np
Another notable project by SIPA Member: Enercept
Fairview, MT

Hysham ResidenceHysham 	Residence
Another notable project by SIPA Member: Extreme Panel Technologies
Hysham, MT

Malta ChurchMalta	Church
Another notable project by SIPA Member: Extreme Panel Technologies
Malta, MT

Montana Spirits and WineMontana Spirits and Wine
Features: Built with 6-inch SIPs SIPs greatly reduced construction time for retail location
Bozeman, MT

“As is the location and feel of the Tippet Rise Arts Centre at Fishtail, Montana. Here, Cathy (a painter) and Peter (musician and photographer) Halstead have been shaping a quietly ambitious Land Art project across working farmland centered on a new music room designed in the guise of an age-old barn by Alban Bassuet and Laura Viklund. Laced through with the latest in modern acoustic technologies, with the help of Arup engineers, the building uses minimal energy: it is up to date and yet it belongs here as much as the nearby Beartooth Mountains.”
Fishtail, MT

Wolf Point ChurchWolf Point	Church
Another notable project by SIPA Member: Extreme Panel Technologies
Wolf Point, MT

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