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Michigan, United States

Dexter ResidenceDexter Residence
SIPs meant that the envelope of the home could be constructed in 10 days by 2 people and a fork lift and result in 7" of solid foam on the walls and 11" of solid foam on the roof and NO THERMAL BRIDGING. While other systems could net the same end result, they would require considerably more steps and complexity resulting in considerably more time. More time to construct means more time exposed to the weather (install occurred in the winter) risking the owner's considerable investment.
Dexter, MI

Foydel ResidenceFoydel Residence
Leelanau Twp, MI

Holsopple Home ShopHolsopple Home Shop
The structure was built to accommodate the owner's parents who were moving back to Michigan from Ohio. The owner had always dreamed of an open floor plan. The property they found allowed them to make their dream a reality. Utilizing SIP construction allowed this owner-builder to create an open, flowing layout because of the structural ability of SIPs to clear span.
Adrian, MI

Leland Boat GarageLeland	Boat Garage
Another notable project by SIPA Member: Extreme Panel Technologies
Leland, MI

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