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Jan. 14, 2016

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Your Journey to Being a Registered Master SIP Builder Starts Here
Free 10-hour course & $50 membership discount now available at www.sips.org

Jan. 14, 2016: For a limited time, the Structural Insulated Panel Association (SIPA) is offering a $50 membership discount to builders who complete a free 10-hour online SIPs course, the first step in joining a prestigious group of builders who are changing the landscape for highperformance, advanced building envelope construction. 
“SIPA members who successfully complete the online courses and in-person training will join the prestigious ranks of nation’s SIPA Registered Master Builders and be listed in the SIPA membership directory. This distinction indicates that they have the knowledge and training to construct SIP building enclosures that are safe, durable, and energy efficient,” said SIPA Executive Director Jack Armstrong.

Enrolling in the SIPA Registered Master Builder Program not only provides a clear pathway to learning about SIPs, marketing benefits include the right to use the SIPA Registered Builder Logo in their marketing materials, resumes and online professional profiles.
The Five Clear Steps to SIPA Registered Builder Training  For builders new to SIP construction, they can follow the following five step plan to achieve their SIPA Master Builder credential:  Step 1: Complete the SIPA Master Builder Application Step 2: Complete the free online Builder Education with SIPs Training (BEST) provided through www.sips.org and pass the tests provided at the end of each lesson. Step3: Attend regional SIPA Registered Builder hands-on training class with OSHA forklift certification or the SIPschool SIPs 202 Installation Workshop.  Step 4: Submit a blower door test result conducted by a RESNET certified energy rater from a recently completed project with a result not to exceed 2.0 ACH50 Step 5: Complete the SIPA Registered Builder Checklist on the blower door tested project
Builders will be considered a “builder in training” until the blower door test and Registered Builder Checklist are submitted. Upon completion of the program, the builder will receive the following year’s SIPA builder membership at no charge. 

According to Armstrong, the association is offering free training and reduced membership incentives to help satisfy the surge in demand for SIP builders across the country. Since SIPs are heavily tied to achieving zero-energy building codes, Passiv Haus standards and green building certifications, the organization fields requests on a regular basis for SIP builders in locals where knowledgeable SIP builders are unavailable. “SIPs are a powerful enabling technology that can play a pivotal role in achieving air leakage rates well below three air changes per hour. But we need to get good builders on board to answer the call of duty. The customers are there and waiting,” said Armstrong

To find out more about becoming a SIPA Registered Master Builder or to find a contractor in your area, please visit www.sips.org.

*SIPA does not endorse, provide any warranties of any kind and has no control over the quality of the workmanship or conditions of the products or services offered by individual graduates of the Registered Builder Program (or Registered Master Builder Program). SIPA cannot accept responsibility for product performance and designs as actually constructed. Consult your local jurisdiction or design professional to assure compliance with code, construction and performance requirements.  

About SIPA

The Structural Insulated Panel Association (SIPA) is a non-profit association dedicated to increasing the use and acceptance of structural insulated panels (SIPs) in green, high performance building by providing an industry forum for promotion, communication, education, quality assurance, and technical and marketing research. SIPs are a high performance, panelized building system that offers superior thermal performance, air tightness, and durability for energy-efficient homes and commercial buildings.   Builders and design professionals seeking to reduce energy use and minimize the carbon footprint of their buildings utilize SIPs as a cost-effective solution for exterior wall and roof systems that also cuts down on framing time, lessens construction waste, and ensures greater jobsite quality control through prefabrication.  SIPs are an enabling technology to meet to the Architecture 2030 Challenge for net-zero carbon neutral buildings today. 


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