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Retrofit Contractors and Home Owners Wanted for New York State Projects

Building science professionals at the NAHB Research Center in collaboration with the Structural Insulated Panel Association (SIPA) and NYSERDA are looking for remodeling contractors and home owners interested in working with us on a research project to provide cost-effective solutions for three deep-energy retrofit projects in New York State using a nail pase panel or retrofit insulated panel system.

The primary focus of these projects is to demonstrate the economy and energy efficiency of applying nail base or retrofit insulated panels to the outside walls of the homes. Retrofit insulated panels provide continuous insulation eliminating air leakage and thermal breaks while providing a solid OSB facing to apply any type of siding material. The result is a very energy-efficient home.

The demonstration project does not require a whole house approach if the homeowner’s budget isn’t able to sustain it.

The NAHB Research Center will perform a complete energy analysis before the project begins and when it is completed. The assessment predicts the energy savings and verifies the results at the end of the project. Follow-up research includes monitoring indoor environmental conditions and energy usage for heating for one year.

For those homeowners that want to take advantage of low interest financing available through New York State, two options are available through Green Jobs – Green NY. Both loan options offer up to $13,000 per household, up to $25,000 if the project meets higher cost-effectiveness standards, and repayment periods of 5, 10, or 15 years. One loan type can be financed on the utility bill.

Please forward information and inquiries to john@sips.org (John Dorsey), 253-858-7472. Photos and a description of your potential retrofit project are greatly appreciated.

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