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Green Builder Media breaks ground on extreme climate, off-the-grid Sustainability Institute to be built with SIPs

Structural insulated panels (SIPs) create high performance, resilient building envelope for Colorado demonstration project

On October 2, 2014, Green Builder Media broke ground on The VISION House® at Mariposa Meadows, the first entirely self-sufficient, off-the-grid project in the VISION House® Series. Perched high in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, the project will unite extraordinary design, extreme performance, and innovative products, such as structural insulated panels (SIPs).

“The VISION House at Mariposa Meadows will demonstrate advanced green building practices and enabling technologies in a high altitude, extreme climate,” says Ron Jones, Green Builder Media President and cofounder. “Our goal with the project is to implement and test solutions that can be replicated in urban, suburban, and rural locations across the country.  If we can construct completely self-sufficient, independent, net-zero energy and water homes at 10,000 feet in the Colorado Rockies, they can be built anywhere.”

SIPs are a high performance, panelized building system used in the construction of energy-efficient homes and commercial buildings.  In the VISION House at Mariposa Meadows, SIPs will deliver an airtight and thermally efficient building enclosure with the added labor-saving benefits of prefabrication—a major plus for the remote building site.

“SIPA is proud to be part of this project and showcase all the sustainable benefits that SIPs offer when designing net zero energy and resilient homes,” said Jack Armstrong, Executive Director of the Structural Insulated Panel Association (SIPA), the SIPs sponsor of the project.  “These are truly unique, sustainable buildings and SIPs are one of the key enabling technologies that will provide them with the energy efficiency they need to succeed.”

When completed, state-of-the-art research facilities will allow manufacturers, building scientists, and other building industry professionals to explore green building, renewable energy, extreme weather, resilient housing best practices, wildfire mitigation, ecosystem management, and sustainable agriculture.

“For the past decade, Green Builder Media has not just been reporting news about green building, we’ve been breaking ground, making news, and helping to shape the conversation about sustainable living with our thought leadership editorial, cutting-edge VISION House demonstration projects, involvement in the code and regulatory arena, and advocacy efforts,” says Sara Gutterman, CEO and cofounder of Green Builder Media. “The VISION House at Mariposa Meadows is one more step in our grand plan to develop solutions for a sustainable future.”

SIPA would like to thank several members of the association for their additional efforts to represent the entire SIP industry on this project: R-Control SIP manufacturer Big Sky for the discounted manufacturing of the panels; BASF for the Neopor® expandable polystyrene foam resin; Ainsworth for the discounted oriented strand board; Ashland for the SIP adhesive; and Sustant for the sealant and SIP tape.

Learn more at the project's dedicated VISION House at Mariposa Meadows SIPs microsite.

About SIPA
The Structural Insulated Panel Association (SIPA) is a non-profit association dedicated to increasing the use and acceptance of structural insulated panels (SIPs) in green, high performance building by providing an industry forum for promotion, communication, education, quality assurance, and technical and marketing research. SIPs are a high performance, panelized building system that offers superior thermal performance, air tightness, and durability for energy-efficient homes and commercial buildings. 

Builders and design professionals seeking to reduce energy use and minimize the carbon footprint of their buildings utilize SIPs as a cost-effective solution for exterior wall and roof systems that also cuts down on framing time, lessens construction waste, and ensures greater jobsite quality control through prefabrication.  SIPs are an enabling technology to meet to the Architecture 2030 Challenge for net-zero carbon neutral buildings today.  Learn more at www.sips.org.

About Green Builder Media
Green Builder® Media, LLC is the leading media company in North America focused on green building and sustainable living. With a comprehensive suite of print and digital media solutions, demonstration projects, case studies, online training and live events, Green Builder Media assists building professionals in preparing themselves for the new green economy and helps homeowners understand how to live more sustainably. For more information, visit www.greenbuildermedia.com.

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