Wright Engineers

Wright Engineers

Design Professional

Wright Engineers is a full-service structural engineering firm licensed in all 50 states, with specialized expertise in engineering for SIP structures.  Our experience includes single- and multi-story custom and production homes, multi-family buildings, and a wide variety of types and sizes of commercial and industrial buildings. 

Featured Projects

Luxury SIP ApartmentsLuxury SIP Apartments
Palo Alto, CA
The project was developed and designed to provide a positive impact on residence health while promoting renewable, clean energy. The airtightness of continuous framing achieved with structural insulated panels is a significant benefit to the customer.read more

SIP RestaurantSIP Restaurant
Edinburg, TX
The corporate desire to reduce operating costs and be environmentally responsible (philanthropy / community is a large part of their business model), speed of construction, and the skilled labor shortages throughout the Southern States were three critical components in the... read more

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