ThermaFoam R-Control

ThermaFoam R-Control


ThermaFoam R-Control is a leading manufacturer of Molded Polystyrene products and Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) located in Arkansas. ThermaFoam R-Control provides products to Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee and surrounding states. ThermaFoam R-Control manufactures Foam-Control brand products for insulation applications, geofoam, protective packaging, original equipment manufacturers (OEM), and residential and commercial building products.

Featured Projects

Pecan SIP HousePecan SIP House
Dallas, TX
It saved a little bit of time. It helped with labor shortages as the framers had not used this material before but it was so easy to assemble it was difficult to put together incorrectly with fewer people. This quickly... read more

SIP Moor HouseSIP Moor House
Dallas, TX
We have a massive labor shortage here in Dallas so SIPs were really helpful with the speed of framing. Everything was simple. Because we use SIPs we did not have to over-think anything. That is one of the reasons... read more

SIP Singer Farm Naturals Appleton NYSIP Singer Farm Naturals Appleton NY
Burt, NY
SIPs provided the perfect solution to inslutate the roof and keep the aesthetics of the interior ceiling/roof. The SIPs were also instrumental to the straw bale wall construction. This project features: 6 ½" SIP walls & 10 ¼" SIP roof... read more

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