Pixels and Ink Studio

Pixels and Ink Studio


At Pixels+Ink Studio, LLC, we work with businesses who are looking for the marketing support they need – to get work done. Have a busy marketing team who just can’t seem to get to those back-burner marketing initiatives? Is your team looking for support to fill in for staff during a transition?

Or, are you a business owner who just doesn’t know where to start with marketing?
Pixels+Ink Studio can help. 

Our story...

Pixels and Ink Studio was created for both large firms and small business owners to add marketing expertise to their team, without a salary commitment and overhead associated with a full-time employee. Our experience and associated team of experts bring 15 years of experience in the B2B community, serving the A/E/C industry.

Our primary clients include architects, engineers, construction consultants, residential design firms and product lines, as well as various small start-ups. All of whom are businesses who are looking for the marketing support and consultation they need – to get work done!

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