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NOMODO quarters

SIPA Builder Members

836 Anacapa st
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
United States

Phone: 805-699-6249

Primary Contact: Aaron Robinson

Website: nomodoquarters.com

Website 2: redesignarchstudios.com

NOMODO quarters was a natural progression for our parent company, R.A.S Seeing a void and a need within the housing industry for a modern, clean, well thought out design that was architecturally logical, as well as eco and geo responsible .

Keeping in mind that it should be cost effective, near 0 energy consumption compliant, and incorporate the latest in smart technology for worry free living and environmental control right from your phone. Our building design assumptions account for a multitude of potential catastrophic situations from hurricanes to flooding, earthquakes, fire and entomological intrusions. With this aforementioned in mind, our “quarters” work amazing for people in NON-DISASTER regions as well !!

Our housing is semi-modular in nature and can be packed within the confines of standardized 40' shipping container, so, that it can be delivered to a client’s home, job site, or DMZ. All while having a nominal impact to clients build site in terms of site waste and labor costs.

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