Nathan Hoekstra Construction

Nathan Hoekstra Construction

Builder, Master SIP Builders

With over 20 years in the carpentry, building, and contracting industry, Nathan has a great understanding of the whole building process and each trade involved in a project.  This knowledge ensures every facet of your home is completed with care and excellence.

Our skill and experience becomes your asset. We know how to listen and deliver on your vision.  We will collaborate with you to create a house that’s tailor-made for you and your budget, and we will continually educate you on quality products, processes, and options to give you confidence in the construction of your home.  

Ultimately, Nathan is a master craftsman pursuing excellence.  Our custom homes are built with exceptional style and function.  We adhere to heightened standards, using quality materials and efficient solutions, ensuring each home will remain a place for comfort and memories long into the future.  

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