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M-SIPs, Inc.

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7825 Fay Avenue
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La Jolla, CA 92037
United States

Phone: 800-357-2590

Primary Contact: Sten Sorensen

Website: m-sips.com

The best of two Worlds - M-SIPs building system is a Patent Pending hydrid concept which as an option can use standard factory integrated C steel studs inside the panels so M-SIPs panels are clasiffied as normal stud build and with the advandtage of the SIPs airtightness and low energy comsumption to achive Zero energy buildings.

M-Sips is different for other standard OSB/EPS Sips solutions as M-SIPs are using non combustible M4 ICC certified (ESR report 3840) structural sheathing as facing material, which further gives benefits as panels are factory ready for inside paint without any gypsum work and outside for one coat rendering/stucco or any other cladding solution.

M-SIPs standard wall panels are 30 - 40% thinner than normal OSB/ EPS Sips panels with same R value due the use of PUR foam as insulation core which give 10 - 13% more living place - a house of 1500 sq ft will have 150 sqft more free inside space.

M-SIPs roof panels can be delivered up to the lenght of 24' by the use of our patent pending concept which give the architects much more freedom in the design 

M-SIPs is a production company and sell only for BtoB mainly to GC's building Multi-Family - Hotels - Office etc  or more than one unit at the time. 




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