James Andrews Custom Homes, Ltd.

James Andrews Custom Homes, Ltd.

Builder, Master SIP Builders

The construction industry is always evolving. The International building code is updated every 3 years. What was typical 6 years ago has changed completely and has been improved today. The adoption of "green" principals is creating a quantum leap forward in construction methods and materials as well as making it imperative to understand the construction science behind it to be able to build a safe home you will love. 

James Andrews Custom Homes builds "Super High Performance" homes. Our houses are dramatically stronger and more energy efficient than traditionally stick built homes. I think in terms of centuries instead of 60-80 years for the life cycle of a home. 

James Andrews Custom Homes is committed to SIP construction because it is a "better way to build."

Featured Projects

Pecan SIP HousePecan SIP House
Dallas, TX
It saved a little bit of time. It helped with labor shortages as the framers had not used this material before but it was so easy to assemble it was difficult to put together incorrectly with fewer people. This quickly... read more

SIP Kitchen Addition Lucas TXSIP Kitchen Addition Lucas TX
Allen, TX
SIP allowed me to use the smallest mini-split system possible. The great spans afforded by the SIPS gave a very clean, uncluttered look for the ceiling. The time was a bit faster. We were able to get "dried in" faster... read more

SIP Moor HouseSIP Moor House
Dallas, TX
We have a massive labor shortage here in Dallas so SIPs were really helpful with the speed of framing. Everything was simple. Because we use SIPs we did not have to over-think anything. That is one of the reasons... read more

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