• 253-858-7472

Franklin International

SIPA Supplier Members

2020 Bruck Street
Columbus, OH 43207
United States

Phone: 614-443-0241

Fax: 614-445-1555

Primary Contact: Josh Bartlett

Website: franklinadhesivesandpolymers.com

Franklin Adhesives & Polymers, a division of Franklin International, manufactures adhesives for the domestic and global wood furniture, millwork and engineered-lamination markets. We have led the way in the innovation of wood adhesives and various types of wood bonds and have developed adhesive solutions for many applications in the wood product manufacturing plant. Under the trusted brand names Titebond, Multibond, ReacTITE and Advantage, our products provide superior performance in wood assembly, solid edge and face gluing, engineered product lamination and finger jointing. 

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