Evans Midwest a division of Choice Machinery Group

Evans Midwest a division of Choice Machinery Group


Evans Midwest: Your Premier Partner in Automated SIP Panel Laminating Machinery

Evans Midwest is a leading manufacturer in advanced, automated equipment specifically
designed for SIP panel laminating. Across North and Central America, our cutting-edge machines
cater to a wide spectrum of manufacturing needs, spanning from smaller workshops to
expansive full-scale production facilities.

At Evans Midwest, our expertise lies in engineering and constructing top-tier process machines
and systems tailored exclusively for manufacturers within the SIP industry. Our diverse range of
offerings includes:
     • Single and multi-panel systems to optimize production efficiency.
     • Precision-engineered Bead Extruders ensuring accuracy and consistency.
     • Hydraulic Presses for efficiency and speed in production volume.
     • Vacuum Tables for a diverse range of panel sizes.
     • Comprehensive pre and post-laminating tools to enhance the overall efficiency and
     quality of SIP production.

As the premier partner in automated SIP panel laminating machinery, Evans Midwest combines
cutting-edge technology to empower manufacturers in their production capabilities. Our
commitment to excellence, reliability, and customer-centric support ensures that our clients
receive not just machinery but a comprehensive solution for their SIP manufacturing needs.
Experience the Evans Midwest advantage and elevate your SIP manufacturing operations.
Whether you're a smaller workshop or a large-scale facility, our machinery offers precision,
efficiency, and reliability to transform your production processes.

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