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Nexii Building Solution, Inc.

SIPA Associate

200-1455 West Georgia Street
Vancouver, BC V6G2T3

Phone: 778-926-3944

Fax: 306-972-7001

Primary Contact: Michael Dombowsky

Eneray Sustainable Structures Inc. was founded in 2008, by Michael and Ben Dombowsky. Michael has been working on developing sustainable building solutions since 1978. Many of the building system ideas he developed were ahead of their time and the technology and materials that were needed to make these ideas viable had not yet been invented.

As the years passed huge advancements in material sciences coincided with awareness and market demand for sustainable products. Realizing the market potential for sustainable building solutions, Michael partnered with his brother Ben who had invented and patented several products in the safety and ergonomics industry. Combining years of experience in product and market development, Eneray determined that there would be 3 areas of focus. Bridges, net zero buildings and architectural products. Bringing together leading innovations built upon decades of research and development have resulted in products and processes that will benefit the environment and the economy. Since 2008, Eneray has been creating products that are truly sustainable, require less maintenance, and built to last generations.

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