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ECOCELL CONCRETE-HONEYCOMBS turns SIPs into highly sustainable and fire-resistant construction panels

By using ECOCELL CONCRETE-HONEYCOMB instead of polystyrene insulation, SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels) become fire-resistant and highly loadable construction elements, which can also be used for the construction of ceiling panels.

The CONCRETE-HONEYCOMBS are fire-resistant and withstands, used as composite material, tremendous static loads. As a substitute for Polystyrol (EPS or XPS), CONCRETE-HONEYCOMBS makes SIPs into fire-resistant and load-bearing structural elements. Composed with CONCRETE-HONEYCOMBS, SIPs become fine-celled flat load-bearing constructions elements.

This not only enables the static load of the SIP-walls, but now also offers the SIP-producers the possibility to realize ceiling and roof elements with a free span width of up to 6.00m.

In addition, mineral oil-based insulations such as EPS or XPS can be replaced by those made of recycled paper and mineral-coated honeycombs.

The CONCRETE-HONEYCOMB can be ordered from ECOCELL. With some SIP manufacturers the first tests are already in progress.

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