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Divine Green Homes, LLC

SIPA Builder Members

P.O. Box 2657
Cypress, TX 77410
United States

Phone: 281-720-6770

Primary Contact: Tascha Stith

Website: divinegreenhomes.com

Divine Green Homes was built out of a dream, a dream that President and Founder Tascha Stith would make come true. She started her journey as a real estate investor, buying 9 rental properties from 2003 to 2005 and buying and selling 1950’s-built distressed properties that required complete like-new renovations and additions from 2016 to 2018.

Stith envisioned that one day she would build a 55-acre residential development community for Special needs adults – a safe-haven community where each resident could experience maximum independence and wellbeing. This vision has led to the goal of “green building”, a method of building heart-healthy, affordable homes, built to the highest quality – even with luxury standards comparable to higher-end homes. Divine Green Homes are homes that owners are proud to call their own. After years of research and project development experience, Stith made Divine Green Homes a reality.

Our strategic building partner, Energy Panel Systems (“EPS”), has engineered and produced a solid core Structural Insulated Panel design for each of our homes. When you’re ready to build a home, come build it with us. Our homes are built using “green” standards; they are energy efficient, and affordable.

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