360 Sustainable Warehouse

360 Sustainable Warehouse

Builder, Dealer/Distributor, Registered SIP Builders

360 Warehouse - Experts in Prefabricated Warehouse Building + Design Solutions with superior Climate Control      CA License # 1035082

360 Warehouse specializes in the Design, Engineering & Construction of Custom “Prefab” Warehouses, in which various types of load bearing and non load bearing SIP panels are a major component. Our clients include companies in the fields of distribution, manufacturing, food processing and indoor hydroponic agriculture/ food production.

The Covid-19 pandemic has induced a massive growth of the E-commerce economy. This had led to an increased demand for modern, and more sophisticated sustainable warehouses near centers of population. The rapidly expanding wave of e-tailers requires Energy Efficient Warehousing with superior Climate Control. These new warehouses need to be as close to the customer as possible for same day delivery.

Warehouse design and construction is no longer merely about building big boxes to put things in. Today, it is about designing and building around whole systems that encompass products, people and systems working in concert. Many warehouses near urban areas will also need to be multi-level. "Going vertical" requires a clever re-thinking of how shipping and receiving docks work and treating the on-site infrastructural needs more like that of a high-rise, than a single-story site on a huge footprint.

~360 Warehouse specializes in the Design, Engineering & Construction of Custom “Prefab” Warehouses. Warehouse Solutions that achieve up to 50%-time savings, at a competitive cost.

With a national US vacancy rate of only 4%, and a lack of new modern warehouse inventory, 360 warehouse can provide time & cost efficient prefabricated solutions with superior Climate Control, and Energy Efficiency.

Our prefabricated building solutions can be modular or panelized in nature. They can also be pre-cut erector kits, or hybrids of several prefabrication systems. They can be solar powered and incorporate passive solar design. Superior energy efficiency & climate control is a standard key-ingredient.

Various types of SIP panels (Steel faced, Magnesium oxide, and OSB faced) are an important component of many of our warehouses. Either in a stand-alone load bearing application, or as exterior wall "cladding" over a loadbearing (light weight steel or other) space frame. 

Our primary goal is the minimization of the amount of parts, steps, labor, and specialized tools or equipment required to erect warehouses. This results in practical, financial, and time saving benefits for our clients. The best solution is driven by many factors. What makes the most sense for your company’s needs, and building site? What is most important to you? Let us sit down and obtain a clear view of your company's needs & goals. Based on that ‘mix’ we will design a Customized Prefabricated Warehouse Solution.

We look at every angle: 

  • Business process and goals
  • Company branding & personal preferences
  • Site factors
  • Governmental agency requirements
  • Local climate
  • Timeline & cost

We can accommodate a variety of clients (Companies with specific needs, Developers, Governmental Agencies). We can also give your warehouse an appeal that reflects your company's message & branding - Let us discuss your needs.

We look forward to meeting you! Please contact us for a free consultation at 1-(415)-490-4809 or by email at info@360sustainable.com.

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