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100 Longview Drive
Carroll, NH 03598

2016 Single Family Homes (under 3000 sqft) category

Submitted by: Foard Panel

  • SIP Neopor walls and roof
  • Local wood trim
  • HERS 32;  0.37 ACH 

Note: This timber frame has 10.25″ EPS SIPs (R-38) wall, 12.25″ NEO SIPs (R-52), top of the line windows, and full under slab insulation to create a building that scored a 1 on the HERS scale (or 32 before the PV was added to the equation). With a 0.37 ACH50 and 199 CFM50 (0.035 CFM50/sqft of envelope) this home is about as airtight as is possible, well below even the Passive House Institute’s rigorous standard of 0.68 ACH50 or 0.05 CFM50/square foot of envelope. Five Star Energy Star Certified, this is one more example of how SIPs can help achieve an incredibly high-performance building.

Original application submitted by the applicant:

Twin Mountain Home Application

Additional documentation submitted in support of the application:


Builder Information

Garland Mill Timberframes

Panels manufactured by Foard Panel.

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