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Green Builder Media's 2016 Readers' Choice Awards with SIPA Members highlighted for the 1st time!

Many of the top brands are shoring up their positions with ramped-up R&D, and an emphasis on connected technology.

Two SIPA members Premier SIPS and R-Control/AFM highlighted in the article.  This is the 1st time ever SIPs were included!   Click here to see the full article and slide show.

IN THIS YEAR’S READERS’ CHOICE SURVEY, we noticed an emphasis on durability: efficient, high-quality products and materials that will last a lifetime. But, we had to ask, if green products last longer, won’t companies sell fewer of them? Will success ultimately hurt them? The example of GE may shed some light. Among our readers at least, the company has solidified its position as the go-to sustainable brand, especially in the lighting and appliances categories. Interestingly, GE has sold its appliances division and has added a new division focused on automation and controls, clearly marking a transition from a manufacturer of durable goods to a company invested in connected technology. This new focus on service will likely keep them in the game for a long time.

Well done!              


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