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May 17, 2017 2:00 PM

Dear SIPA Board Members, 
  As you may recall, we are having the May Board Meeting in Madison, Wisconsin. We are scheduling a space at FPL. Details to follow."Please hold this date for the 5 hour conference call of the SIPA Board Meeting starting at 1:00pm (Central Time).  The standard conference line will be used. ( 805-309-0111 PIN 660432).  There will be an information packet at a later date. For those planning to attend I have included a website address for TFG ENGINEERING COUNCIL 2017 TFEC SYMPOSIUM.The host hotel ,  Best Western Inntoner has a special rate of $125 including breakfast, parking, wifi etc. 


  If I can assist anyone with reservations,  please contact me at don@sips.org

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