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SIPA 2017 Annual Meeting Austin Texas


Elliot Eisenberg, Ph.D.

Elliot Eisenberg, Ph.D.
GraphsandLaughs, LLC

Chief Economist for GraphsandLaughs, LLC
(formerly a Senior Economist with the National Association of Home Builders)

Elliot Eisenberg, Ph.D. is a nationally acclaimed economist and public speaker specializing in making economics fun, relevant and educational. Dr. Eisenberg earned a B.A. in economics with first class honors from McGill University in Montreal, as well as a Master and Ph.D. in public administration from Syracuse University. Eisenberg is the Chief Economist for GraphsandLaughs, LLC, an economic consultancy that serves a variety of clients across the United States. He writes a syndicated column and authors a daily 70 word commentary on the economy that is available at www.econ70.com.

Dr. Eisenberg has spoken to hundreds of business groups and associations, often as keynote speaker on topics including: economic forecasts, economic impact of industries such as homebuilding and tourism, consequences of government regulation, strategic business development and other current economic issues. Dr. Eisenberg has been invited to testify before lawmakers and is often asked to comment on proposed legislation. His research and opinions have been featured in Bloomberg Businessweek, Bureau of National Affairs, Forbes, Fortune, and many other publications. He is a regularly featured guest on cable news programs, talk and public radio.

Dr. Eisenberg was formerly a Senior Economist with the National Association of Home Builders in Washington, D.C. He is the creator of the multifamily stock index (the first nationally recognized index to track the total return of public firms principally involved in the ownership and management of apartments), the author of more than eighty-five articles, serves on the Expert Advisory Board of Mortgage Market Guide and is a regular consultant to several large real estate professional associations, hedge funds and investment advisory groups.

Elliot’s interests include keeping the rate of restoration of his 60 year old house ahead of its rate of deterioration and doting on his daughter. He loves ice hockey and talking economics with crowds large and small!


Richard Willingham

Richard Willingham

Advisory Board Member, COALITION ZERO

With MOTUM B2B Richard promotes and delivers on his core platform that b2b marketing demands different creative thinking from consumer campaigns. His US, Canadian and UK experience in journalism, publishing and marketing communications--all business-to-business--combine to give him a broad understanding of what drives brand decisions in this sector.

With COALITION ZERO (formerly Net Zero Energy Coalition) he leverages 40+ years of multi-disciplinary engagement in energy efficiency and environmental sustainability to help business leaders understand how reducing carbon emissions and slowing climate change offer huge untapped business opportunities.


Shilpa Sankara

Shilpa Sankara
Net-Zero Energy Coalition

Executive Director
Net-Zero Energy Coalition (NZEC)

NZEC’s members are manufacturers, cities, non-profits, builders, and others who are accelerating the market toward zero-energy buildings and communities.

The Net-Zero Energy Coalition serves as a backbone organization to drive market acceleration of net-zero across North America and globally. Providing a forum for collaboration, a unified voice to influence stakeholders, and coordination for game-changing industry initiatives.


Tim Von Kennel

Tim Von Kennel


Happily married 39 years, Blessed with 2 grown sons with wonderful families and successful businesses.

Retired in 2013 after 35 years as the Government Relations Officer for the state's largest electric and natural gas utilities (Lone Star Gas....Vice President for TXU....Director at Atmos Energy).

Hired in 2014 as CEO for the state's largest professional association of financial advisors and insurance agents NAIFA Texas.


WIlliam D. Fay

WIlliam D. Fay
Energy Efficient Codes Coalition

Executive Director, Energy Efficient Codes Coalition

Over his 37 years in Washington DC, William Fay has led seven broad-based national issue campaigns that coordinate lobbying, media, communications, and grassroots advocacy, both independently and as Sr. Vice President for America’s largest public relations firm. He has recognized energy expertise, having served as chief lobbyist for the U.S. coal industry, managed campaigns on behalf of the oil and gas industry and worked complex energy issues on Capitol Hill relating to fossil fuels, nuclear, hydropower, and electricity generation and transmission. A coalition builder, he organized and led the nation’s premier coalitions on 1990 Clean Air Act reauthorization, product liability reform, multi-year highway legislation, and President Bush’s Clear Skies Initiative. As a founding member and current President of the non-profit educational Foundation for Clean Air Progress (FCAP), he has initiated independent studies and evaluations of government data on US air quality progress.

Since 2007, he has led the Energy Efficient Codes Coalition (EECC), which has united a unique support base – from government, environmental groups, businesses, low-income housing and consumer groups, manufacturers, utilities, and labor – to advance the development and adoption of building energy codes that put America on a glide-path of dynamic building efficiency gains. EECC has helped boost the efficiency of the International Energy Conservation Code by at least 38% and has worked with local and state jurisdictions to support their adoption.

Fay has a strong background in energy, environment, tax, transportation, & natural resource policy/regulation and served as legislative director in the House and Senate. In addition, he has testified before 11 congressional committees, worked for the Idaho Legislature, has degrees in accounting and political science, and successfully completed the Uniform CPA examination.


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