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SIPA 2017 Annual Meeting Austin Texas


The 2017 Annual Meeting has come and gone, we hope you found the experience rewarding and fun.


Presentations by speakers during day 2 and 3 available for download (pdf)
Tuesday, February 21st – Day 2
Opening comments - President's Message - Jack Armstrong Executive Director & Ard Smits, PorterSIPS

MagOxide SIP Spotlight - Workforce Housing at a Florida City Level - Jerry Gillman, Innova Eco Building
Learning from Across the Borders/European Evolution of MgO - Sten Sorensen, Multi-Panels 
MagWall Canadian MgO - Ken Hanasyk, Multi-Panels
MOCA - Ken Hanasyk

The Housing Economy by the Bowtie Economist, Elliot Eisenberg, GraphsandLaughs (Slides to be shared via email only)

Mainstreaming Zero - New and Retrofit Housing Initiatives; "The Realize Project" and a "Micro-House Hotel" - Ms. Shilpa Sankaran, Net Zero Energy Coalition
The Prosperity of Zero: New Frontiers of Communicating High Performance - Richard Willingham, motum b2b

New 2018 Energy Code Results and 2012/15 Adoption - Bill Fay, Energy Efficient Codes Coalition & Alliance to Save Energy/Bcap
Resilient Building Code Mandates for Texas Gulf CountiesTim Von Kennel, National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors

SIPA Building Excellence Awards - Jack Armstrong Executive Director

 Wednesday, February 22 – Day 3

ICC Code Committee

Welcome and Introduction of SIPA Board Candidates & brief comments - Jack Armstrong Executive Director

Manufacturer Committee and Platinum/Gold Sponsor Comments
 - Ashland
 - Black Bros.
 - SIP-SEAL (Sustant)
 - Nederveld
 - Multi-Panel

Technical Committee

SIPA Marketing Committee

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