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2020 SIPA Annual Meeting & Conference Presentations

2020 Annual Meeting & SelectSIPs EXPO - Agenda and Speaker Presentations (pdf downloads)

DAY 1 - March 1st       
Ballroom Welcome Reception and Golf Awards at Supplier SelectSIPs EXPO      
    • Building Excellence Awards all entry slides (pdf file download)

DAY 2 - March 2nd       
Ballroom Event Kickoff and Welcome Comments        
    • Jack Armstrong, SIPA Executive Director and
      President’s Message, Lee Bergum, Energy Panel Structures (pdf file download)     

Ballroom PLENARY SESSION I         
  SIPA Strategy Overview and New Positioning
         Slide deck (pdf file download)
         Discussion lead by:  
        James Hodgson, Premier Building Systems
        Jeremy Dieken, Extreme Panel Technologies
        Joe Fortier, ACME Panel
Ballroom PLENARY SESSION II            
  City of Phoenix Sustainability Push with Net-Zero Energy SIP Residential Panel
        Mark Hartman, City of Phoenix  (no slides) 
        Marlene Imirzian, Marlene Imirzian & Associates Architect  (pdf file download) 
        Mark LaLiberte, Construction Instruction  (no slides) 
Ballroom PLENARY SESSION III           
 SIP Obstacles and Opportunities from National HERS Raters 
    • Nathan Kahre, EnergyLogic and (formerly) Thrive Home Builders (pdf file download)    
   The Business Opportunity of Sustainability Marketing    
    • Cristian Barcan, Crossover-Sustainability   (pdf file download) 
Ballroom PLENARY SESSION IV         
  Partnership is the New Leadership
        Aaron Smith, Energy & Environmental Building Alliance (pdf file download) 
        Devin Perry, NAHB Building Systems Councils (pdf file download) 
        Steven Mickley, American Institute of Building Design (no slides) 
Ballroom Dinner        
    • SIPA Building Excellence Awards  (pdf file download)   
DAY 3        
Ballroom SIPA Manufacturer Committee        

Ballroom SIPA Technical Committee
    • Tech Committee slides   (pdf file download) 
Ballroom SIPA Marketing Committee         
    • Marketing Committee slides  (pdf file download)   


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