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SIPA partners with the Department of Energy in it's launch of Zero Energy Ready Homes

SIPA is proud to be a part of the U.S. Departments of Energy's ZERO Energy Ready Home program launch.

If home buyers acted in their own self-interest, Zero Energy Ready Homes would be everywhere in the market.  But they are not.  The superior homeowner experience with Zero Energy Ready Homes that live, work, last and feel better is a secret. 

No longer.  The U.S. Department of Energy has just launched the Tour of Zero and needs our industry's help informing the homeowners about the special opportunity to see the home of the future that's available today. 

This national campaign is where you come in. DOE needs Innovation Partners vested in high-performance homes (e.g., manufacturers, associations, non-governmental organizations, utilities, and government programs) to engage American consumers to take the Tour of Zero and see the homes of the future that are available today.

Are you interested in helping homebuyers find a better home at a lower cost? The DOE Tour of Zero provides the opportunity for visitors to take a virtual tour of high performance, Zero Energy Ready Homes in every major U.S. climate zone and browse extensive photographs, homeowner testimonials, lists of innovations, floor plans, and key statistics including data on incredibly low or no annual energy consumption.



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