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2016 Building Excellence Awards - Twin Mountain Home

2016 Single Family Homes (under 3000 sqft) category

Submitted by: Foard Panel

  • SIP Neopor walls and roof
  • Local wood trim
  • HERS 32;  0.37 ACH 

Note: This timber frame has 10.25″ EPS SIPs (R-38) wall, 12.25″ NEO SIPs (R-52), top of the line windows, and full under slab insulation to create a building that scored a 1 on the HERS scale (or 32 before the PV was added to the equation). With a 0.37 ACH50 and 199 CFM50 (0.035 CFM50/sqft of envelope) this home is about as air tight as is possible, well below even the Passive House Institute’s rigorous standard of 0.68 ACH50 or 0.05 CFM50/square foot of envelope. Five Star Energy Star Certified, this is one more example of how SIPS can help achieve an incredibly high performance building.

Original application submitted by the applicant:

Twin Mountain Home Application

Additional documentation submitted in support of the application:


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