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Building Excellence Awards Winners 2010 - A Look Back

The eighth annual Structural Insulated Panel Association (SIPA) Building Excellence Awards selected winners in six categories, showcasing the versatility of SIPs as well as the creativity of those who build with them.

Judging criteria
The criteria employed by the judges for the eighth annual SIPA Building Excellence Awards were as follows:

  • Energy efficiency to be proven with HERS Index or other substantiating method
  • Design and structural engineering innovation
  • Other SIPs-related factors that contributed to the success of the project

Categories: Single Family Homes, Under 3,000 square feet; Single Family Homes Over 3,000 square feet; Institutional/Industrial/Commercial; Multi-Family Commercial Buildings; Agricultural; and Renovations.

The judges were Kristine Anderson, Petersen/Keller Architects; Bill Chaleff, Chaleff & Rogers; Jeff Christian, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; and Alex Lukachko, Building Science Corporation.

Single Family Home Under 3,000 square feet
Sampson Family Home
Ferrier Custom Homes

• HERS Index 47
• 4.5-inch SIPs walls and 8.25-inch SIPs roof
• LEED-H Platinum
• Passive solar design

Why the judges like it:
• Extensive cost-benefit analysis conducted to select energy efficient technologies
• Well-integrated, whole-building design approach
• Careful site orientation and climate-specific passive solar design

Single Family Home Over 3,000 square feet and Overall Competition runner-up:
Kenilworth Bungalow
Domain Architecture & Design, and Panelworks Plus, Inc.

• HERS Index 49
• 6.5-inch SIPs walls and 10.5-inch SIPs roof
• LEED-H Platinum
• Diverted 67 percent construction waste
• 3 rain gardens

Why the judges like it:
• Well-executed design strategy
• Repeatability, potential for use in urban infill sites
• Extremely resourceful and energy-efficient materials

Multi-Family Commercial Buildings
Sarann Knight Apartments
Premier Building Systems

• 4 stories, 82 units
• Installed in just 80 days
• Heating and cooling costs reduced by 60 percent

Why the judges like it:
• Speed of construction
• Innovative use of SIPs and engineering

VanGelder Farm Shop, Energy Panel Structures

• 4 stories, 82 units
• 18 feet tall, 8 inches thick plywood-faced SIPs walls
• Radiant heating with modulating boiler

Why the judges like it:
• Simple, repeatable design
• Significant energy savings over typical agricultural shop construction

Commercial/Industrial/Institutional and Overall Competition winner
Jacob E. Manch Elementary
Premier Building Systems, Shell Building Systems, SSA Architecture

• High performance school with 50 percent reduction in energy use over typical district schools
• 100 percent daylighting
• Sound reduction measures to mitigate noise from nearby air base

Why the judges like it:
• Innovative use of SIPs, design & engineering
• Used SIPs construction to meet tight budget constraints
• Opening new markets for SIPs construction

Kelly’s 1862 Timber Frame
GreenTech Construction


• HERS 40
• 6-inch SIPs walls, 8-inch SIPs roof
• 1862 timber frame house that was dismantled, moved 15 miles & re-erected on a new foundation

Why the judges like it:
• Unique use of SIPs to supplement antique timber frame
• Energy efficient

Honorable mention:
Brandt/Schaller Eco Home
Timberline Panel Company, LLC

• HERS Index 4
• 6.5-inch SIPs walls and 10.25-inch SIPs roof
• Salvaged wood, door, cabinetry
• Passive and active solar design

Why the judges like it:
• Cost-effective net zero energy design

People’s Choice Winners
Julkowski Family Home
Julkowski, Inc., and Extreme Panel Technologies

Silverwood Visitor’s Center
Panel Setters Plus and Extreme Panel Technologies

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