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SIPs from an architect’s perspective

Texas architect Bob Borson has been blogging at Life of an Architect since 2010.  His latest project, dubbed the CHouse Modern, is currently under construction and uses structural insulated panels (SIPs) from SIPA member MM&I Construction and Design to boost the home’s energy efficiency.

Borson offers a candid evaluation of the SIP building system based on extensive research and onsite construction experience:

“...there is a lot of thermal bridging that happens with the batt insulation is interrupted with a 2×6 wood stud and as a result of this bridging, the thermal performance of the traditionally framed wall could drop as much as 30%. This means the difference between our SIPs wall and the fiberglass insulated traditionally framed wall could be as high as 9.3 (R value of 27.48 vs. R value of 18.15).”

At the end of the article, he concludes “So why aren’t more people choosing SIPs when building their new house? I’m not sure there’s an easy answer anymore.”

Read the full article at Life of an Architect

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