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SIPA releases two new Technical Bulletins: wall aspect ratio and durability to moisture exposure of SIP construction

SIPA’s Technical Committee put the finishing touches on two key technical bulletins that provide design professionals with valuable engineering guidance and performance data for structural insulated panel (SIP) construction.

Technical Bulletin No. 8, Wall Aspect Ratios for SIPs, address the IRC and IBC requirements for shear wall aspect ratios. The bulletin outlines how SIPs can meet both residential and commercial shear wall requirements at aspect ratios similar to those for common wood frame construction.

Beginning in the summer of 2012, SIPA and APA–The Engineered Wood Association initiated durability testing to measure the impact of moisture exposure on the structural performance of SIPs. Technical Bulletin No. 9 summarizes the results of this testing. A number of tests were conducted to represent exposure to moisture on the jobsite as well as during a flood event. The SIPs tested showed no significant loss of strength in either test.

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