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Video: Rough Electrical Solutions for SIPs

In this SIPA original video, electrician Trig Feltus of Destiny City Electric demonstrates how to install rough electrical wiring in a SIP home. Feltus tackles several of the common misconceptions about SIPs by showing how quickly and easily a skilled electrician can wire a SIP home, even with no previous SIP experience.

The consensus of SIP experts is that a successful electrical installation depends on reviewing the plans before arriving on the job site. Feltus is no different, and points this out in opening minutes of the video. He goes on to give step-by-step instructions for a variety of common SIP wiring situations, including how to transition from:

  • a stick-frame wall to a SIP wall
  • an outlet to a switch in a SIP wall
  • a stick-frame wall to a SIP roof
  • between intermediate floors
  • SIP wall to SIP wall on an outside corner

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