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Detailed findings of studies conducted by Dodge Data & Analytics & National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) since 2006

Green Multifamily and SIngle Family Homes 2020

The findings reported in this Brief mark the launch of a new approach to broaden the reach and relevance of this study and create more meaningful benchmarks for understanding the prevalence of green building activity in the residential marketplace. Four short surveys on the main topics included in this Brief—market activity, marketing, drivers and obstacles, and products and practices—were sent out to encourage a wider response and better reveal the degree of green activity among home builders. Due to this approach, 1,163 unique respondents completed a total of 2,000 of these surveys. The following definition of green building was presented in each survey:A green home incorporates strategies in design and construction that increase energy, water and resource efficiency, indoor environmental quality and minimize environmental impacts on the site; and/or is certified by a third-party to the National Green Building Standard, LEED for Homes or any other green rating system.The new study presents a portrait of green activity, evolving trends in the marketplace, and factors that can increase engagement with green by single family and multifamily builders and remodelers.

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