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Message from the SIPA President

It may be premature to buy the “I survived the Great Recession” t-shirt.  As a contractor it would be appropriate to publicize the survivalist skills honed over the past five years. Unfortunately, many of our friends and colleagues did not fare so well.  This unprecedented shortage of work and money has created a sense of stagnation over the entire building industry and the associations that support that industry.  SIPA has most certainly felt the effects among all aspects of the association’s work.  With limited resources, we have chosen very carefully where every dollar is spent.  The good news is that SIPA has weathered the storm and that the storm is subsiding.  The many charts and graphs that forecast our future business prospects seem to all point in a direction that would suggest fair winds and smooth sailing.

In order to fulfill SIPA’s vision to make “SIPs the preferred green building system,” we have an enormous amount of work ahead.  The list of wants and needs created by the members of SIPA ensures the board a target rich environment.  We, the board, look forward to committing our resources to the many opportunities provided by the various committees.  The list of projects, programs and tests is seemingly unending.  Unfortunately, our budget has, and will, continue to limit our ability to approve the tasks which will surely promote and improve the opportunities to use SIPs.

It is without question that our ability to green light any project is a function of funding.  This funding comes mainly from our association. Hence, without insulting your capacity for mathematical reasoning, it is simply a function of available revenue held in constraint by the size of our membership.

With the pending surge in new jobs comes an enormous opportunity for a dramatic increase in membership for SIPA.  Current members should recognize the value of what membership dues offer in terms of return on investment.  SIP industry professionals who don’t currently enjoy the perks of membership within SIPA should investigate the many ways that participation can grow an industry as well as their own business.

SIPA, like many associations, is tasked with benefitting the members by growing the SIP industry as a whole.  In fact, just as a rising tide raises all ships, the work of the association often helps both members and non-members.  In the months and years to come, I encourage all SIPA members to reach out and invite new prospects into the association.  The benefits don’t end with a continuous stream of leads. The marketing and technical work supported by the association will spearhead the movement to bring SIPs into the mainstream.

I write this President’s message while speeding towards Las Vegas at 35,000 ft. headed to the International Builders’ Show with a plane full of builders bound for the same venue.  If SIPA’s vision is to be realized, better than half of this overstuffed plane could and should eventually consider membership.

My message to our current members is to say thank you for your commitment to growing a phenomenal industry.  The quantity of builders we spoke with at the IBS and their enthusiasm about SIPs reaffirms my devotion to our association and its efforts to bring SIPs into the forefront of the construction world.  In addition, I would like to encourage an aggressive position of promoting and endorsing to all the folks that you know who would benefit from joining us.

My message to potential new members is “the water is warm.”  As the President of SIPA, the only task I take more seriously than properly “sealing the joints” is increasing our rank and file.  If you would like to contact me to offer your comments or suggestions related to membership, I welcome your input.  If you’re considering membership in SIPA, I also welcome your questions or concerns.  I look forward to hearing from you directly.

Email: Al [at] panelwrights [dot] com


Al Cobb

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