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How to insulate and air seal a leaky roof


SIPA member PanelWrights conducted a deep energy retrofit on a home in Shepherdstown, West Virginia during March of this year. Despite being built in 1985 and having attic insulation rated at R-50, blower door test results of 16 ACH50 revealed that much of the home’s heat was being lost to air leakage.

PanelWrights crews installed retrofit insulated panels over the existing roof sheathing and worked hard to seal up the attic. They removed the roof sheathing along the eave so they could place rigid foam insulation between the heels of the trusses and foam it in place. Rigid foam was also used at the gable ends.

During the retrofit, PanelWrights crews discovered multiple instances of poorly installed fiberglass insulation and a plumbing repair that had resulted in an uninsulated attic access door.

When the retrofit was complete, a follow up blower door test showed a 40% improvement in air infiltration from the roof alone. See more pictures below:


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