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Member Testimonials

SIPA Builder Member

SIPA Builder Members build SIP homes and nonresidential buildings.

"SIPA has educated me on a lot of issues that I didn’t know about SIPs. They have helped me improve my product as a builder, and enabled me to network with some really fine people across the nation that have been doing this kind of stuff longer than me. They know the tricks, they know the advantages, they’ve got it dialed in. In addition, I probably get one to two leads a month through the website, and half of those leads turn into sales, so it is very fruitful economically as well.”
Scott Bergford, Scott Homes


SIPA Dealer/Distributor Member

SIPA Dealer/Distributor Members are any individual or company that distributes SIPs but does not manufacture SIPs.

“Being a dealing distributor of a SIPA manufacturer allows us to provide a higher quality, higher energy efficiency product to the end users and open ourselves up to a larger market. A SIPA manufacturer gives us the assurance that they are up to the highest level of scrutiny, the assurance of testing, and quality.”
Jim LeRoy, PanelPros, Inc.


SIPA Supplier Members

SIPA Supplier Members supply products or services used in the manufacture, distribution, sales, or installation of structural insulated panels.

"I think the regulatory environment will escalate pressure on the building industry to move towards SIPs and other forms of energy-efficient structures. SIPs are no longer considered an exotic type of material and I think that has to do with what the association has been able to achieve in terms of marketing. The  opportunities for very dramatic growth are there."
Paul Pfeifer, Account Manager, Ashland


SIPA Manufacturer Members

SIPA Manufacturer Members produce and distribute SIPs.

“It is extremely important that we are seen as an industry, as a coherent industry that cooperates and works together to create the standards for performance that ultimately become the standards that are referred to by architects, engineers, and government officials in the building codes. Without that we have a very difficult time moving forward as individual manufacturers to move our markets into the marketplace. We have got to work together or we are not likely to be able to achieve our goals.”
Frank Baker, PFB Corporation


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