2023 Building Excellence Awards Judges

Theresa Gilbride Building Energy Efficiency Researcher at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Theresa Gilbride
Building Energy Efficiency Researcher at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory 

Researching with the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Richland, Washington, Theresa (Terri) supports the U.S. Department of Energy as a task lead for DOE’s Building America and Zero Energy Ready Home programs. Terri has authored or co-authored 28 reports and 35 articles on residential energy efficiency and related topics. She served as the lead editor and an author on the Building America best practice guides, a 17-volume series which included climate-specific guides for high-performance home builders in all U.S. climate zones and retrofit guides on air sealing, insulation, and HVAC. She has also published on building codes and emerging technologies including window attachments, solid state lighting, and HVAC. Terri is the content manager for the Building America Solution Center, an online resource for home builders and remodelers. She co-developed and taught the Residential Site Supervisor Training Course sponsored by the Energy and Environmental Building Alliance (EEBA) and has completed the EEBA HERS Associate and Houses that Work courses. She has completed course work and the field exam for the Building Performance Institute (BPI) Building Analyst and Envelope Professional.

BEA Judge

John Peavey, P.E.
Director of Building Science at Home Innovation Research Labs

John Peavey is the Director of the Building Science Division for Home Innovation Research Labs. He leads a broad range of research projects for clients that include DOE, HUD, USDA FPL, NAHB, and various building product manufacturers to improve the performance, safety and affordability of housing. Research activities include performance assessments of new housing systems in the field, new construction technologies, best construction practices, universal design, National Green Building Standard, construction codes and standards development, energy efficiency, and field assessments of existing residential construction.

John W. Meyer - Chief Operations Officer, Innova

John W. Meyer
Founder & Chief Operations Officer at Innova

John is founder and COO of Innova, an innovative ESG company specializing in design, deployment and measurement of low carbon, sustainable solutions. John brings 27 years of success in Engineering, Project & Operations Management and Business Development & Contracts experience. John's experience with innovative solutions started in the oil and gas sector with API facility siting consulting, design/build blast resistant industrial buildings and critical temperature mechanical and piping systems. Innova solutions include concrete free foundations, sustainable concrete, zero energy builds, rammed earth structures and renewable micro-grids. For these solutions and more, Innova provides stakeholders predictive outcomes with ongoing assessment and validation of proven-sustainable-best-practice designs and technologies.

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